Indigenous Climate Action + Yellowhead: A Call for Collaboration

 In COVID-19

The COVID19 pandemic continues to challenge communities and governments. It is threatening the health and lives of millions and in many ways, putting a pause on the global economy. When we consider the ways that these challenges are being addressed, it turns out that tremendous resources can be allocated for our collective future.

What insights are we learning about what is possible during crisis?
Could these lessons be applied to climate change as well?

Indigenous Climate Action and Yellowhead Institute believe there are intersections between COVID19 and climate change: how certain communities are more vulnerable than others, how the climate crisis amplifies pandemics, and what crises tell us about the kinds of alternative – and just – worlds that are possible when confronted with an opportunity for change.

So ICA and Yellowhead Institute are asking folks to answer one of three questions:

  1. How can your community’s strategies for dealing with COVID19 be applied to issues related to climate change?
  2. How does the COVID-19 change our collective conversations about climate change?
  3. With the dramatic changes of the past few months, are there new opportunities for communities to address climate change? If so, what are they?

How you engage with these questions is up to you! Maybe you like to discuss policy, write an 800-word article, create art, make a photo essay; you could even record a short video of how you’re still practicing your traditions during the pandemic (or how they are changing). How you represent your “answer” can look however feels best or most comfortable to you. This is a flexible call for collaboration.

You will be asked to share your 50-250 word pitch and a brief biography plus the expected costs of creating or mobilizing the content. Honorariums are available up to $500 (potentially more for larger projects). 

Yellowhead and ICA will assess pitches daily (and respond within 24-48 hours), prioritizing Indigenous creators.




To apply to the general Yellowhead Institute Call for Collaboration (for non-climate related projects) please click here.

Indigenous Climate Action + Yellowhead: A Call for Collaboration

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