Northern Perspectives:

Jane Glassco Fellowship Interviews

In this special feature, Yellowhead conducted a series of interviews with the 2019 Jane Glassco Northern Fellows with the aim of amplifying the research and perspectives of Northern Indigenous policy analysts.

The Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship is a policy and leadership development program recognizing leadership potential among young Northerners who seem to address policy challenges facing the North. The topics discussed in these interviews range from land-based programming, Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, language revitalization, mental health services, the intersection of education and Land Claim agreements, and more.

Over the next while, we will continue adding new interview features to this page – stay tuned!


Language Revitalization, Education & Philanthropy: An Interview with Killulark Arngna’naaq

What issues are present in policy that impede language revitalization efforts? Here, 2018-2019 Glassco Fellow Killulark Arngna’naaq discusses her paper, Deregulate and Empower Language Teachers, which examines policy options for supporting Indigenous language revitalization in the North, and addresses issues teachers and learners are facing.

Creating Ethical Spaces: Opportunities to Connect with Land for Life and Learning in the NWT

How can land-based learning inform collaborative governance processes? 2018-2019 Glassco Fellow Chloe Dragon Smith discusses her research on expanding and integrating on the Land learning in the Northwest Territories.

Ways forward in addictions programming in Fort Simpson Northwest Territories | Dene Gogǫndıé Voices of the People: An Interview with Kristen Tanche

2018-2019 Glassco Fellow Kristen Tanche discusses her research on addiction programming and related services offered by the Government of the Northwest Territories in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories (NWT).

Can Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit be Integrated into Government? An Interview with Tina DeCouto

Tina DeCouto discusses the application of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Inuit Societal Values throughout the territorial government administration and delivery of territorial government services in Nunavut in this interview.

Turning to Traditional Processes for Supporting Mental Health: An Interview with Ashley Carvill

2018-2019 Glassco Fellow, Ashley Carvill discusses her paper, Turning to Traditional Processes for Supporting Mental Health, which investigates how Indigenous values and practices can have a positive impact on individual and community mental health and wellbeing.

Banner Image: Nares Lake by Ashley Carvill

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