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Radical Relationalities Toward Decolonial Futures

An opportunity for Indigenous, Black, and racialized community helpers involved in local, place-based initiatives to deepen and expand knowledge on radical relationalities through intensive learning.

Applications are open for the first Radical Policy School! The focus for the 2024 session, running throughout the month of May, is on radical relationalities toward decolonial futures.

The Radical Policy School is an innovative program that offers a radically different perspective on the study of policy through a decolonial lens backed by research and led by leading Indigenous, Black, and racialized practitioners and scholars. Radical relationalities is a useful framework for cultivating and nurturing individual and collective relations with the view of shared decolonization and liberation. This is an interactive and collaborative program with lessons that can be applied to the learner’s professional and personal activities and pursuits. The Radical Policy School is grounded in theoretical learning and practical application; it aims to be rigorous, intentional, and devoted to transformation and revitalization. This is a cohort-driven curriculum, meaning students will have the opportunity to discuss and decide on curriculum topics.


Online and a three-day in-person gathering in Toronto, ON. 


There are no fees for the Radical Policy School. Yellowhead Institute will cover the costs for students’ travel, accommodation, and meal expenses to participate in the required in-person intensive session.


  • Solidarity, Coalitions & Movements
  • Grassroots Organizing & Policy Change
  • The Role of Art in Social Movements
  • Freedom Dreaming
  • Interlocking Oppressions
  • Abolition & Radical Transformation
  • Navigating Conflict in Movements

2024 Key Program Dates

Accepting Applications
February 1-22

Decision Letters 
March 15

Enrolment Confirmation
March 29

Virtual Orientation
April (Date TBC)

Virtual Session Dates
Wednesdays, May 1-22,
6-9pm EST

In-Person Session (Toronto)
May 28 – 30

Meet Our 2024 Faculty


Dr. Stephanie Latty

May E.

Razan Samara

Tyanna Carpenter

Dr. Wafaa Hasan

Nazbah Tom

Ellen Gabriel

Ellen Gabriel
Kanien'kehá:ka, Kanehsatà:ke

Robyn Maynard

Eva Jewell Headshot

Dr. Eva Jewell

Deshkan Ziibiing Anishinaabekwe

Fernanda Yanchapaxi
Kichwa / Mestiza

Brianna Pitawanakwat
Anishinaabe, Wiikwemkoong

Maysam Khreibeh

Through the lens of radical relationalities, RPS 2024 explores how Indigenous, Black, and racialized relationalities can lead to social transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The Radical Policy School is an ideal program for emerging Indigenous, Black, and racialized community helpers involved in local, community- and place-based initiatives who are interested in establishing meaningful relationships while expanding and deepening their knowledge on radical relationalities. It is open to Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, Inuit, transnational Indigenous), Black (African descent or origin, members of the African diaspora), and racialized peoples who are adults ages 18 years old and up, living in Canada.

This program is designed for individuals who might not see themselves as welcome in university spaces or who have been marginalized from post-secondary education.

This is an intensive program that requires students to commit an average weekly time of 3-5 hours a week —  three hours per week for virtual sessions and up to two hours for additional work.

Students must attend a minimum of two of the virtual courses to attend the in-person gathering.

The program concludes with a three-day in-person gathering in Toronto, ON. Out-of-town students should allot two days for travel. 

There is no financial cost to be a student in this program. Yellowhead Institute will cover the cost of all required reading materials, and travel and accommodations for the in-person gathering. If there are additional barriers that hinder your ability to take part in the program, we would like to know and will try to ensure that every admitted student can participate fully. However, students must ensure reliable, consistent access to a computer and internet connection to attend virtual sessions. Any costs relating to time away from paid employment or childcare are also the responsibility of the student and will not be covered by Yellowhead School.


This Radical Policy School session is for Indigenous, Black, and racialized community helpers

This year’s cohort will be small! We may invite some applicants to join a waitlist – if this is the case, those invited to do so will receive guidance on when they can expect to receive updates on their admittance to the program. This invitation to join the waitlist is not a guarantee of acceptance and is entirely dependent on the number of enrolments following the first round of invitations.

Students who successfully complete the Radical Policy School program will receive a Yellowhead School certificate in recognition of their achievement.