Canada’s Emerging
Indigenous Rights Framework:
A Critical Analysis

Privileging First Nation philosophy and rooted in community networks,
Yellowhead is focused on policies related to land and governance.

Yellowhead Institute generates critical policy perspectives in support of First Nation jurisdiction.

Yellowhead Briefs provide
a platform for perspectives from key thinkers on First Nations issues. 

Our Briefs focus on topical and pressing issues affecting communities on the ground and ideas that challenge the status quo. 

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Issue 09 | August 14, 2018

On the Road to the New Reserve:
Considering Canada’s Preferred Path to Land Restitution

by Daniel Iwama, PhD Candidate

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Issue 08 | July 24, 2018

A Brief Assessment of Canada’s Collaborative Process on Indian Registration, Band Membership and First Nation Citizenship

by Damien Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Ryerson University; Associate Fellow, Yellowhead Institute

We aim to foster education and dialogue on First Nation governance
across fields of study, between the University and the wider community,
and among Indigenous peoples and Canadians.

Community Resources

Yellowhead is committed to supporting First Nations ability to organize and mobilize to protect their rights.  

This presentation and accompanying user guide provides an overview of the report, Canada’s Emerging Indigenous Rights Framework: A Critical AnalysisIt includes key takeaways and a high-level overview of the report’s three sections on relationship reform, policy reform, and legislative reform.

⟶ Download the presentation here.

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