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Toolkit / Abolition & Solidarity

An Indigenous Abolitionist Study Guide

IN MAY 2020, the Abolition Convergence had planned to host a pre-conference to the Native American Indigenous Studies Association gathering in Toronto called Imagining and Decolonizing Abolitionist Futures. It was canceled when the pandemic hit, but the work continued.

Our organizing committee is a collaboration of artists, activists, academics, and people with direct experience with the carceral system. Our group includes Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour, white people, queer/trans* and 2-spirit people, younger and older people, people who have been incarcerated and people who have worked and struggled against incarceration, detention, deportation, and settler colonialism in various ways.

We got together to provide this guide for Prisoners Justice Day, keeping in mind the metaphor of our conference was mushrooms playing a restorative role in rebuilding all the root systems that have been damaged.

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