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Calls to Action Completed Visualizer

This graphic accompanies the “Calls to Action Accountability: A 2022 Status Update on Reconciliation” Special Report. It visualizes completion of the TRC’s Calls to Action over the past 7 years. This infographic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Canadian license and is available for non-profit, non-commercial use crediting Yellowhead Institute.

Injunction Success Rates

Injunction Success Rates: The percentage of injunctions granted and denied as filed by First Nations and corporations/government. This resource was created as part of the Yellowhead Institute Land Back Red Paper. The project of land back is about reclaiming Indigenous jurisdiction: breathing life into rights and responsibilities. This Red Paper is about how Canada dispossesses …

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How Do You Like Your Reconciliation?

Without a shared understanding of reconciliation, it is difficult to measure progress. Reconciliation often means different things to different people, and in Yellowhead’s work over the past few years, we have noticed both intersecting and diverging trends in interpretation. This infographic invites viewers to think about the different approaches to reconciliation and what impacts they …

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A Brief History of Centralization

This comic graphically illustrates a painful experiment the Department of Indian Affairs enacted on the Mik’maq and Maliseet nations. For the purpose of economic efficiency and to remove the First Nations from white sight, in the 1940s these Indigenous communities were uprooted from their villages and placed on four central reserves in New Brunswick and …

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Colonial Extractions

This comic tells the story of Cree youth Josey Willier who suffered from severe headaches and difficulty chewing. The federal government refused to pay for braces that would correct the problem. Instead, they spend over $100k in court fighting their responsibility to fund the $6k procedure. In the end, Josey prevailed in this case, setting …

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How Canada’s Self-Government Funding Policy is like Buying a Used Car

In this comic, a comparability explainer is used to illustrate funding policy inadequacies with buying a used car. This resource was created as part of the Yellowhead Institute Cash Back Red Paper. Picking up from Land Back, the first Red Paper by Yellowhead about the project of land reclamation, Cash Back looks at how the dispossession of Indigenous lands created …

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